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Unite yourself with a cyptocurrency that makes sense. 

Backed by gold.

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What is Intuit Coin?

A better cyptocoin for an expanding world.

The Intuit (Intuit Coin) is a gold-backed, market invested, intrinsically valuable crytocurrency, carefully designed to provide secure, intelligent financial performance in our world's complex markets.

Expert Investing

Our team of genius investors at the Intuit Investment Group (IIG) is partnered with skilled financial experts.  Our investment portfolio even includes other cryptocurrencies!

100% Privacy

Your anonymity and privacy is important to us.  We do not share your information with any 3rd party interests.  Your investment is protected and secured. 

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How Do You Get Started?

Examine our prospectus.

We believe it is extremely important that our investing partners understand and share our vision and goals.

Join the group.

We are are different breed of private equity investors.  We are dedicated to growing our investments through the development of a dominating market cryptocurrency, the Intuit Coin.

Build your portfolio.

Get whitelisted and purchase your first Intuit NFT.  Our goal is to keep Intuit cryptocurrency within everyone's grasp, with no artificial inflation.  Early-in investors will help mold the platform and the Intuit Coin, with pre-IPO access to shares in the coin.  The Intuit Coin will be released at a .target IPO of 20 cents USD.


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Intuit Coin Current Value*

It's time for a new kind of crypto.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have no intrinsic value.  The worth of the coin is heavily subject to market fluctuations and dramatic price changes based on user perception.  The Intuit Coin is different.  It's a 3rd generation hybrid stablecoin built from the ground up, by investors from their investments.  The Intuit Coin has real worth because it is solidly backed by real money.  It just makes sense!

Now Accepting Round 1 Investors.

Established value prior to IPO.

Most cryptos have no value when they are initially offered to the public.  The value of the cryptocurrency, among other things, is determined by the market.  The IIG believes the establishment of a cryptocurrency with transparent, pre-market value creates secure, exponential financial growth to benefit all its users.  Early Intuit Coin investors have reliable, tangible data that secures the value of their investments.

The Intuit Coin target IPO release is .20 USD

Intuit investors to Intuit Coin advisors.

Intuit investors are literally invested in Intuit Coin growth.  Early investors in the crypto join the IIG to form the Intuit Coin Board and voting community.  Although all IIG members have input into the continuing development of the Intuit Coin, the earliest investors have siginificant control of where this cyrpto goes in the world! 

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“I've always been a huge proponent of cryptocurrency investments, but it's hard to decide what crypto to buy and hold.  I am extremely excited to be an early investor in Intuit.  I really think it has tremendous potential.”

Nico Sandoval, Investor

Why Join The IIG?

A crypto that makes sense

Yeah, we went for the homonym, low-hanging fruit with that one.  But,  the Intuit Coin is distinctive in the cryptocurrency world.  It is built on the recognition that the marketplace is ripe for the development of a 3rd generation hybrid stablecoin: A coin molded by investors and their investiments, with transparent, pre-IPO value.

A crypto that grows 

The Intuit Investment Group (IIG) believes in motivated, disciplined investors who are just as excited as we are about the prospects of the Intuit Coin.  We recognize the Intuit Coin is a joint venture of colossal proportions.  We want to take this journey with you as our partner!  Check out our prospectus and connect with us!

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Your data is encrypted, protected and under your control.  We do not share any information without your explicit consent.


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So, What Are You Waiting For?

Fill out an interest sheet to join the Intuit Investment Group (IIG) now!  Early-in investors are positioned to have significant input into the development and growth of the Intuit Coin.  Early-in investors can also take advantage of collecting the cryptocoin pre-IPO!

* Updated 4.25.2022.  The Intuit Coin is not yet publically available or traded.  This means the value is calculated from IIG's investiment portfolio as a projected value.  The projected value is an accurate estimate of the value of the Intuit Coin at IPO.